All yogis will find a home here at Body Integration. We have classes for yogis of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, including integrated yoga classes you won’t find anywhere else.

Our specialty yoga classes incorporate weights and resistance bands that will help increase your cardio capacity, improve flexibility, and build muscle. Choose lighter weights to tone, heavier weights for a more intense experience.

Are you recovering from an injury, or maybe just looking for a class that’s less intense? We have Yin Yoga classes that keep you in the heat but focus on flexibility, breathing, and recovery. Yin is a great way to de-stress, practice your meditation, and dip your toe into the world of yoga.

More advanced athletes will love our Bootcamp, Spin, Body HIIE, and Yoga Integration classes.

Body Yoga

New to yoga? This is the class for you. Body Yoga focuses on form, breathing, and instruction so you can learn the basics in a comfortable, judgment-free environment. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Body Flow

Heat things up with vinyasa yoga, which unites breathing with movement in choreographed sequences. Move gracefully from pose to pose while focusing on your breath and learning to avoid distractions. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Advanced Body Flow

Vinyasa class for level 2/3 yogis. Fast-paced flow with advanced poses. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Yoga Integration

Yoga with a Body Integration twist. We incorporate weights and resistance bands to this fun, high-energy class, set to dance music. This is a dynamic class that will have you sweating and sculpting while improving your balance and flexibility. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive form of yoga consisting of a series of long-held poses that target deep connective tissue in the body. Yin is wonderful for anyone new to exercise or heated classes, recovering from an illness or injury, or looking to expand their meditative practice. Yin greatly improves flexibility, which can prevent injuries. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga uses a silk swing to allow yogis to perform postures they may not ordinarily be able to attempt on the yoga mat, such as inversions and deep stretching. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Beginners Weights

If you’re new to the world of exercise or are interested in incorporating weight-lifting into your practice, start here. This class covers all the basics of form and function, in an educational and judgment-free environment. You’ll learn how to properly squat, deadlift, shoulder press, and much more, so you can begin lifting weights without injury. This class is also an excellent starting point for anyone interested in trying our Body HIIE and Bootcamp classes. You’ll need: mat, towel, water, shoes optional.

Body HIIE (High-Intensity Interval Exercise- Pronounced Body High)

Are you ready to really heat things up? This super high-energy class combines a little of everything. We mix weights, kettlebells, & resistance bands with strength and interval training to give you a workout you won’t forget. Prepare to WORK. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, shoes optional.

Body Bootcamp

This crazy fun class combines HIIE, pilates, yoga, boxing, dance, weights, and resistance bands to give you extremely effective cardio and toning workout. You’re going to work HARD and sweat a LOT, but you’ll love every minute. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, no shoes.

Advanced Body Bootcamp

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any harder: Welcome to Advanced Body Bootcamp. Heavier weights, more complex movements, faster pace. You’ll thank us later. You’ll need a mat, towel, water, shoes optional.


A 45-minute spin class for all fitness levels that combines speed, strength, and interval training for optimal results. You’ll need water, a hand towel, shoes.